The Temples of Rajasthan - Part I

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Ghateshvara Temple, l0th century, Bardoli
This is the best preserved of the Bardoli group and, indeed, one of the finest temples in Rajasthan. The principal structure consists of a towered sanctuary adjoining a columned porch. The curvilinear tower is completely covered with delicately incised arch-like motifs; at the summit is an amalaka with a pot finial. Set into the walls beneath are elegantly posed sculptures, carved almost in the round; notably, dancing Shiva (west), Chamunda (north) and Shiva spearing Andhaka (south).

An eave and a tower-like pediment surmount each panel. The sanctuary doorway displays another dancing Shiva image flanked by Brahma and Vishnu on the lintel, with guardians and river goddesses on the jambs beneath. The porch columns have fully modelled maidens (damaged) carved on to the shafts. The ceiling panel has halt-lotus medallions, multi-lobed motifs and miniature deities. The roof above incorporates niches with sculptures as well as diminutive towered forms at the corners.

Within the sanctuary is a square pedestal with five natural stones serving as lingas; the central stone resembles an inverted pot (ghata), hence the name of the temple deity.
Immediately to the east is a detached open mandapa, which was added almost a century later. It is laid out on a stepped plan with balcony seating between the peripheral columns; above is an angled cave. The roof is a pyramidal composition of numerous elements, each capped with an amalaka. The ceilings are richly sculpted with geometric and foliate designs.

Mahishamardini Temple, 10th century, Bardoli
This temple is located immediately south-west of the previous one. Its curved tower is completely covered with a finely etched mesh of arch-like motifs; the front (east) face is adorned with a triangular projection. Over the porch rises a small roof. In contrast to the upper portions, the walls arc unadorned. A powerful image of Durga, her face now smashed, is housed within the sanctuary.

Trimurti Temple, l0th century, Bardoli
This dilapidated temple consists of a single towered sanctuary. The doorway, with sculpted hands, leads into the sanctuary, where there is a large triple-headed Shiva image, now defaced. Nearby, two columns from a ruined gateway have
been delicately carved with maidens and worshippers, also with garlands and bells on chains.


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