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Gandhiji then turned his attention to the workers of Ahmedabad. A dispute was brewing between them and the mill owners over the question of a plague bonus. The employers wanted to withdraw once the epidemic had passed but the workers insisted its stay. The British collector who feared a showdown requested Gandhiji to bring about a compromise.

Mahatma Gandhi addressing workersAmbalal Sarabhai, a leading mill owner was a friend of Gandhiji. Gandhiji persuaded the mill owners and the workers to agree to a arbitration by tribunals. They offered a 20% bonus and threatened to dismiss those who did not accept it. The breach of agreement was treated by Gandhiji very seriously, he advised the workers to go on strike.

The strike began and Gandhiji addressed the workers everyday on the banks of the Sabarmati river. Ambalal Sarabhai's sister, Anasuya Behn, was one of the main lieutenants of Gandhiji in his struggle. After some days, the workers began the sign of weariness. In this situation, Gandhiji decided to go on fast to strengthen their resolve. Fast, however, had the effect of putting pressure on the mill owners and they decided the whole issue to a tribunal. The strike was withdrawn and tribunal later awarded 35% increase the workers had demanded.

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