Chronology : Medieval India - Part I

Exact Match
  Indus Valley
  Mauryan Era
  Post Mauryan
  Kushana Era
  Golden Age
  Post Gupta

  Arab Invasion
  South India
  Prithviraj Era
  Delhi Sultunate
  Mughal Period
  Maratha Era
  British Period

  Subhash & INA

712Arab conquest of Sind.
736Founding of Dhillika(the first city of Delhi).
740Defeat of the Pallavas by the Chalukyas.
c. 750Pala dynasty founded by Gopala in eastern India.
c. 757Defeat of Chalukyas by Rashtrakutas.
c. 800Shankaracharya, the philosopher.
814 - 80Reign of Amoghavarsha the Rastrakuta king.
c. 840Rise of the Pratiharas under king Bhoja.
c. 907Parantaka I establishes Chola power in south India.
985 - 1014Rajaraja I extends Chola power.
997 - 1030Raids of Mahmud of Ghazni in north-western India.
1023Northern campaign of Rajendra Chola
1030 Alberunni in India
c.1050Ramanuja, the philosopher
1077Embassy of Chola merchants to China 
1110Rise of Vishnu-vardhana and Hoysala power
1192Prithviraja Chauhan defeated by Muhammad Ghuri at the battle of Tarain.
1206Establishment of the Slave Dynasty under Qutb-ud-din Aibak.
1211-27Reign of Iltutmish.
1265Reign of Balban.
1288, 93Marco Polo's visits to south India.
1296-1316Reign of Ala-ud-din Khalji.
1302-11Malik Kafur's campaigns in south India.
1325-51Reign of Muhammad bin Tughluq Ibn Batutah in India.
1336Founding of the kingdom of Vijayanagar.
1345Founding of the Bahmani kingdom. 
1357 Firuz Shah Tughluq in power.
1414-50Rule of the Sayyids at Delhi.
1411-41Ahmad Shah ruling in Gujarat.
1421-31Cheng-ho's visits to Bengal.
1451Accession of Buhlul Lodi at Delhi
1440-1518Kabir, a leader of the Bhakti movement.
1469-1539Nanak, a leader of the Bhakti movement.
1485-1533Chaitanya, a leader of the Bhakti movement.
1481Assassination of Mahmud Gavan.
1498Arrival of the Portuguese in India.
1509Rana Sanga of Mewar in power.
1509-30Krishna Deva Raya, king of Vijayanagar.
1526The First Battle of Panipat.
1530Humayun succeds Babur.
1539Dearh of Guru Nanak Dev ; Sher Shah defeats Humayun and becomes emperor of Delhi.
1555Humayun recovers the Delhi throne from Eslam Shah, successor of Sher Shah. 
1556Death of Humayun Accession of Akbar. Akbar defeats Hemu at the second battle of Panipat.
1564Akbar abolishes Jiziya or poll tax on Hindus.
1565Battle of Talikota-An alliance of Muslim rulersin Deccan defeats and destroys Vijayanagar Empire.
1571Foundation of Fatehpur Sikri by Akbar.
1576Battle of Haldighat.Akbar defeats Rana Pratap Singh of Mewar.
1582Akbar  proclaims Din IIahi or Divine Faith an attempt at synthesising Hinduism and Islam.
1597Akbar completes his conquests Death of Rana Pratap.

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