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Rana Sanga | Maharana Pratap

Rana Sanga will be always remembered as a visionary more than a warrior. The way he united the various factions of Rajputs under his able leadership was a tremendous act. After the death of Harsha Vardhan Rajputs all over northern India had broken up into various factions squabbling and quarreling among themselves which became the sole cause of the tremendous successes which Muslim invaders got in India. After hundreds of years there was someone who was uniting the warring Rajput clans under one umbrella.

After bringing in the unity he faced his first challenge when controversy broke out between Rajputs and Gujarat's Mahmud regarding the possession of Malwa. But the real challenge was yet to come. Babur knew that how Delhi Sultanate had all along been troubled by the brave and enigmatic Rajputs. Who were known for their obstinacy. So he decided to rein in them. On the other hand Rajputs under Rana Sanga were getting ready to reestablish Rajput glory. So the inevitable happened.

As Rana's and Babur's troops faced each other in Kanwaha on the morning of 16th March 1527, death & destruction was on the air. A great and bloody battle followed, at one time Rajputs had surrounded Babur but in the end Babur's technically superior army won. Rajputs had no answer to the wheeling tactics of the Mughal cavalry. Babur's artillery had won that day for him, it had finally established the Mughal rule over India and eventually sealed the fate of the Rajput revival. Rana Sanga died in the battlefield itself. But as history was to prove that Rajputs were not going to lay down easily. One more revival was on the cards this time lead by Rana's own grandson.

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