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Guru Harihar, a famous Indian Tantrik.Some Experiments of the Tantra Shastra: Although, Tantra sciences can be employed to carry out any sort of task, yet there are twelve major tasks that can be accomplished by it. With the help of Tantra, a person can solve not only his own difficulties, but can also help others in overcoming their problems too.

The tasks that can be cherished through Tantra are stated as under:

  1. To eradicate poverty and lead a prosperous life.
  2. To render the human body free from all diseases and lead a long and healthy life.
  3. To hypnotize anybody and get your work done through him.
  4. To eliminate all family quarrels and troubles.
  5. To control the spirits and employ them in your service.
  6. To know anybody’s past, present or future.
  7. To hunt down treasures hidden underground and obtain unexpected wealth.
  8. To defeat your enemies.
  9. To obtain anything according to the wish.
  10. To obtain gain in general popularity, business, service and success in politics.
  11. To become a supreme yogi by gaining control on all sorts of knowledge.
  12. To bind down the forces of nature and use them at will.

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