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An introduction to Tantra

Goddess Kali is the primary diety worshipped by Tantriks, here the Goddess is depicted in her Aadaa incarnation.‘Tantra’ has been derived from two words:

  1. ‘Tan’ meaning ‘body’
  2. ‘Tra’ which means ‘to defend’.
Which implies that the word Tantra is meant to describe a process through which the body can be defended against all sorts of diseases and inevitable evils.

In the literal sense and a more generalized form, though, it means ‘to rule’. For example, the word Rajtantra means ‘the rule of a king (raja)’ and also, the word ‘Prajatantra’ signifies ‘the rule of the people (praja)’ or democracy.
According to the followers of the Tantra Vidya or the knowledge of Tantra, this is the only knowledge remnant in ‘Kaliyug’ or the present Dark Age, through which we can fight back all difficulties in our life and live merrily.

In contrast to other spheres of knowledge, Tantra is much more easier, simple and provides relief instantly. This practice has been prevalent in India since thousands of year ago. Tantra includes the study and worship of paranormal powers and cosmic energy, medicines, mantra or hymns, body energy and carrying out Tantric activities using totkas (certain objects that have been purified under a spell), magical amulet, mantras, human bones, and semi-decomposed human and animal dead bodies.

Due to these mystical practices associated with the Tantra, the common man has remained aloof from it and has always looked down upon the ‘Tantra Sadhaks’ or the practicers of this ancient knowledge with suspicion. This knowledge has long been associated with Black magic, although, it has a totally scientific base and its worthy to note that the famous ‘Reiki’ is only a part of this vast ocean of knowledge and study of energy.


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