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Tantric design, used in Tantric rituals.The Tantra Shastra has five major modes of practice viz. Madya, Mans, Matsya, Mudra and Maithun. They are used as an object of sacrifice while practicing Tantra and are explained below:

  1. Madya – Madya is obtained from the word ‘Madhu’ or honey. Thus, Madya means honey or nectar obtained from flowers.
  2. Mans – Mans implies to a seed of a fruit, vegetables, and other eatables. It also means the meat of any animal. It is believed that a Tantric (one who practices Tantra) transfers his evil being into the body of an animal through his yogic powers and sacrifices it.
  3. Matsya – According to Tantra, Ida and Pingla are two veins in a human being’s body, which are also known as Ganga and Jamuna. Through these a person inhales and exhales. Inhalation and Exhalation are considered two Matsya. A tantric has to control this process of inhalation and exhalation through Pranayam (a kind of yoga).
  4. Mudra – Mudra refers to the quality in a person to drive away all evils in him and stay away from all sorts of guilt through utmost perseverance and control. This quality can be obtained through intense yogic practices.
  5. Maithun – Maithun means union. Tantra believes that our body consists of five ‘Kundalis’ or centers of energy. A Tantric has to evoke these kundalis and unite them together.

    Thus, it is evident, that Tantra practice is not at all easy but it requires utmost determination and the Tantrics have to bear all sorts of hardships to obtain all powers. A supreme yogi, having mastery over all aspects of yoga can practice Tantra.


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