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Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Guru of Swami Vivekananda was one of the famous practitioners of Tantra Cult.The Tantra Vidya consists of:

  1. Vanspati (organic substances) Tantra
  2. Pakshi (animals) Tantra
  3. Ratna (precious stones) Tantra
  4. Nakshatra (cosmic bodies) Tantra
  5. Vashi (hypnotism) Tantra
  6. Maran (death) Tantra etc.

It is believed that Tantra Shastra (Tantra Sciences) originated from Lord Shiva’s mouth and has in total 64 types. There are also certain Uptantra or smaller versions of Tantra, which are:

  • Buddha tantra
  • Kapil Tantra
  • Gemini Tantra
  • Vashista Tantra
  • Narada Tantra
  • Garg Tantra
  • Pulatsya Tantra
  • Bhrigu Tantra
  • Bhargava Tantra
  • Yagyavalva Tantra
  • Shukra Tantra
  • Bhrihaspati Tantra
  • Sankhya Tantra.
These have been name after the ancient sages and philosophers who produced them.


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