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Goddess Kali in her Chinnamasta (Headless) incarnation. This incarnation of Goddess Kali is primarily worshipped by Tantriks.Tantra has developed in India as a separate cult. A person desirous to obtain this knowledge has to live in a Tantric Math or monasteries, which are located at some forlorn, deserted place usually a ‘Shamshan Ghat’ or the funeral place, which is usually a place on the banks of a river where Hindus offer the dead to fire.

The first reference to Tantra in ancient Hindu texts is available in Atharva Veda’s Narsimhata Upanishad. Tantra has been graded under seven main ‘Achar’ or disciplines, which have been stated below in hierarchy:

  1. Vedachar
  2. Vaishnavachar
  3. Shaivachar
  4. Dakshinachar
  5. Vamachar
  6. Sidhantachar
  7. Kaulachar
Tantric practices produce instant effect and it is believed that one can achieve even the impossible through it. Jeenes Coqtius of France studied Indian tantra and mantra and remarked that the effects of tantra, mantra and totkas were remarkable, but it was beyond the capacity of the human brain to decipher how they were produced.

The great physicist and Noble prizewinner Nelsborn had a horseshoe hanging outside his door. Once a friend of his remarked, “Do you believe in such superstitions?” He replied back, "It doesn’t matter whether I believe in it or not, but it has been extremely lucky for me."


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