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Akbar After gaining supremacy over Rajputana, conquests followed in steady succession. Fertile Gujarat with its cotton and indigo was first secured in 1572, bringing with it the port of Surat with its trade with Arabia, the Persian gulf, and Egypt, Bengal the richest province of North India with its abundance of rice, silk, and saltpeter, was acquired in 1574-76. Kashmir followed in 1586, Orissa in 1592, and Sindh in 1595.

Then began the attacks on the Deccan kingdoms which by Akbar's death had absorbed Berar, Khandesh, and part of Ahmadnagar. By the time of his death Akbar controlled a broad sweep of territory from Bay of Bengal to Kandahar and Badakshan. He touched the western sea in Sindh and at surat and was well astride in Central India. He had the richest and most vigorous as well as the largest territorial share of India. The empire was knit together by waterways from Bengal to delhi and by imperial highways elsewhere.

His empire was balanced by the Persian empire, itself preoccupied with the Ottoman Turkish empire beyond. He had a readymade supply of hardy recruits from the north-west, attracted by the hope of fame & their own poverty; he had the resources of Bengal and the profits of the middle eastern trade to sustain him and a central organization to maintain his control. This was the foundation of stable government which followed.

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