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Kautilya's Honesty

There is a interesting account in Megasthenes Indica about Chanakya (Kautilya). One day when Megasthenes visited Chanakya in his home he found him sitting besides a earthen lamp in a, otherwise, dark room and doing some work. As he approached, Chanakya asked him to sit down in the couch near him. After sometime when Chanakya had completed his job he blew off the lamp and lit another one which was more dimmer than the previous one.

Puzzled Megasthenes asked Chanakya why he did so, to which he replied that since at the time of his entry into the room he was doing some official work under the lamp whose oil was being financed by the state. But now he is talking to him which is not a official work as such he blew off the lamp and lit his own personal one.

Well I hope our leaders too could follow his footsteps and give us an honest administration.


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