Khajuraho : The Monuments - Part VIII

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The Jagadambi temple Jagadambi temple
The Jagadambi temple, so called after the image of Parvati now enshrined in the sanctum , was originally dedicated to Vishnu, as is indicated by the prominence given to Vishnu on the sanctum-doorway. The temple stands on a lofty platform which is contiguous with that of the Kandariya-Mahadeva and strikingly resembles the Chitragupta in respect of plan, design and general conception.

Its basement-mouldings, however ,are simple and are devoid of the processional frieze-a conspicuous feature of the Chitragupta temple. Again unlike the Chitragupta , which has six pairs of dvara-palas disposed all round the maha-mandapa interior, this temple shows only three pairs of them.

The square ceiling of its maha-mandapa hall is much simpler than the octagonal ceiling of the Chitragupta temple, which thus appears to be relatively more ornate and evolved and therefore slightly later in date than this temple.

Tahe sculptural embellishment of the Jagadambi is as rich as that of the best temple of Khajuraho. It has yielded some of the finest figures of gods including a dignified sculpture of Yama, sura-sundaris and erotic sensitiveness and an expression from the physical to the spiritual plane.

Ruined Shiva temple
On the same platform, between the Kandariya and the Jagadambi temples is a much smaller but ruined Siva temple, as is indicated by a figure of Shiva carved centrally on the lintel of the sanctum-doorway .
The sanctum has perished, but the portico is intact and shelters now a powerful figure of sardula.

It is not unlikely that this modest temple built in such close proximity to the Kandariya on its left, may have originally been dedicated to Shiva's consort as an integral part of the temple-complex.


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