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The kingdom of Gujarat originated with the revolt of the governor against the Sultanate. It finally gained strength under Ahmed Shah. Malwa had been founded in 1401 A.D. by a member of the Ghuri clan and became powerful during the reign of Hushang Shah (1405-35), who moved his capital to Mandu, a fortress on a spur of the Vindhya mountains. Rivalry between Gujarat and Malwa remained unabated throughout the fifteenth century. Malwa, despite its alliances with the Rajputs, finally succumbed to Gujarat.

Meanwhile, Gujarat had to face another menace, this time coining from the west and from the sea - it was the Portuguese. Their first appearance on the west coast of India was in 1498 with the successful voyage of Vasco da Gama. The last of the Gujarat kings was killed by the Portuguese in the course of negotiations, and 1537 saw the annexation of Gujarat by the Mughals.

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