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At the very first meeting of the association, held in the house of Kanshi Ram , and attended among others by Bhai Parmanand , Sohan Singh Bhakna and Harnam Singh 'Tundilat', Hardayal set forth his plan of action, 'do not fight the Americans, but use the freedom that is available in the U.S. to fight the British 'you will never be treated as equals by the Americans until you are free in your own land the root cause of Indian poverty and degradation is British rule and it must be overthrown, not by petitions but by armed revolutions, go to India in large numbers and enlist there support.' Hardayal's idea found immediate acceptance. A working committee was set up and the decision was taken to start a weekly paper, The Ghadar, for free circulation, and to set up a headquarters called Yugantar Ashram in San Fransisco .

Unsurprisingly, The Ghadar , succeeded, in a very brief time. The message went home, and ardent young militants began thirsting for 'action'. Hardayal himself was surprised by the intensity of the response. He had, on occasion , spoken in terms of 'ten years' or 'some years' when asked how long it would take to organize the revolution in India. But those who read the hearty exhortations of The Ghadar were too impatient, and ten years seemed a long time.

Hardayal was arrested on 25th March 1914 ,on the stated ground of his anarchist activities though everybody suspected that the British government had much to do with it. Released on bail, he used the opportunity to slip out of the country. Canada had for some years imposed very strict restrictions on the Indian immigration by means of a law that forbade entry to all, except those who made a continuous journey from India.

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