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Ideals of Brahmo Samaj
  1. The ideals of Brahmo Samaj have their origin in the synthesis of the Vedic religion and the Christian humanism.
  2. It advocated that there is one God, who is present everywhere, and is without shape and form. His worship lies in intense devotion.
  3. It believed in the brotherhood of man and treated all men as equal. It started a magazine entitled Samvad Kaumudi, to teach people love of mankind.
  4. It supported the introduction of English in schools with the belief that the study of English would open the door to modern sciences.
  5. It condemned social evils such as casteism, untouchability, child marriage and the Sati system. It was due to the efforts of Raja Rammohan Roy that Lord William Bentick abolished Sati system in 1829 by declaring it an offence.
  6. It advocated freedom of the press and condemned any restriction imposed on it by the Government.
  7. It supported widow-remarriage and the education of girls. Raja Rammohan Roy was the first to agitate for getting women their rightful place.
In 1831, Roy visited the United Kingdom to speak on Indian questions. He died in Bristol in 1833. After the death of Raja Rammohan Roy, the work of the Brahmo Samaj was carried on by great men like Devender Nath Tagore (father of Rabindra Nath Tagore) and Keshab Chandra Sen. The Brahmo Samaj, besides reforming the Hindu society, heralded a new era of reform movements such as the Arya Samaj, the Ramakrishna Mission and the Prarthana Samaj (in Maharashtra).

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