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Mutineers being punished Although this venture to save the country proved unsuccessful due to the old methods of warfare and inexperience leadership yet it left a long lasting effect over the English psyche and proved a worthy milestone in the long path of Indian independence.

The immediate results of the 1857 revolt were :
  1. The administration of British India until then was under the control of the Board of Directors of the East India Company, was taken over by the British government. Queen Victoria was proclaimed the Empress of India and the Governor General was designated the Viceroy.
  2. The British Indian army was reorganized. The quota of British personnel in the army was considerably enhanced and the artillery divisions were manned entirely by the British. In addition, many purely British regiments were formed.
  3. The paramountcy of the British government was proclaimed, that is to say, all ruling Kings and titular princes of India were declared feudatories of the British crown. This proclamation raised many eyebrows among Indian princes, but there was little they could do in the matter.
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