The Complete History of India - Pre Independence

Exact Match
  Indus Valley
  Mauryan Era
  Post Mauryan
  Kushana Era
  Golden Age
  Post Gupta

  Arab Invasion
  South India
  Prithviraj Era
  Delhi Sultunate
  Mughal Period
  Maratha Era
  British Period

  Subhash & INA

Post Independence

Historical JourneyThey say that history repeats itself but in India's case it would be an exaggeration. Even though being the oldest nation in the world her history is unique in every stage, without showing any repitition.

Indian History is one of the most largest and complicated of its kind in the world. Each region of the nation has its own separate history. Whether its Delhi in the north, Tamil Nad in south or Kamrupa in the east, each has a separate historical background, yet they are joined by common bond.

We have tried to bring you retrospective view of each region without deviating from the mainstream. All the main links adjoining each page depicts a historical event or personality or dynasties. These events have gained so much prominence that people have come to associate the contemporary era with that event. As such, we have defined various events of that period under a  single umbrella of some famous event or personality or dynasties of that period.

At the end there is also a chronology of events divided into three sections of Ancient, Medieval and Modern, which will help you to time events in a more sophisticated manner. There are more than 250 pages to help you to have a clear perspective about Indian history. Hope you will enjoy the journey through the annals of Indian history.

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