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The raids of Mahmud did not make India aware of the world to her north-west or of the events caking place there. The significance of Mahmud's raids as paving the way in northern India for further attacks from the north-west was not fully grasped. Mahmud was just another mlechchha (Barbarians) as had been the Shakas and the Huns. They had been absorbed and forgotten and so too presumably would Mahmud and his armies. The death of Mahmud in any case removed the need for vigilance on the north-west. When the second attack came from the north-west under the leadership of Muhammad Ghori at the end of the twelfth century India was, for all practical purposes, as unprepared as she had been for meeting the invasions of Mahmud of Ghazni.

The eastern Ganges plain did not experience the disruption of the Punjab, despite Mahmud's attack on Kanauj. Kanauj was soon restored and became once more the prize and on account of this suffered continual attacks from various states - the Chalukyas, and later the Gahadavalas who claimed Rajput status. Bihar came under the domination of the Karnataka dynasty, the name suggesting a southern origin (a number of officers from various parts of the peninsula had found employment in eastern India, as is evident from the inscriptions of the time, and some of them acquired kingdoms). The Kalachuris continued to rule uneventfully at Tripuri near Jabalpur. Bengal experienced a brief efflorescence under the Senas, but eventually fell prey to the Turkish general Muhammad Khalji who attacked it in the beginning of the thirteenth century and brought about the virtual collapse of the Sena dynasty.

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