Chronology : Medieval India - Part II

Exact Match
  Indus Valley
  Mauryan Era
  Post Mauryan
  Kushana Era
  Golden Age
  Post Gupta

  Arab Invasion
  South India
  Prithviraj Era
  Delhi Sultunate
  Mughal Period
  Maratha Era
  British Period

  Subhash & INA

1600English East India Company Constituted.
1602Netherlands East India Company formed.
1604Compilation of "Adi Granth" the Holy Book of Sikhs.
1605Death of Akbar and the accession of Jehangir.
1606 Martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev.
1609The Dutch open a factory at Pulicat.
1611The English build a factory at Masulipatam.
1627Death of Jehangir Accession of Shah Jehan. Birth of Shivaji
1631Death of Shah Jehan's wife Mumtaz Mahal. The building of the Taj Mahal.
1639Fort St. George at Madras by the English.
1658Aurangzeb becomes Emperor of Delhi.
1664Shivaji assumes royal title.
1666Birth of Guru Govind Singh.
1675Martyrdom of Guru Teg Bahadur
1699Guru Gobind Singh creates 'Khalsa'.
1707Death of Aurangzeb.
1708Guru Gobind Singh dies.
1720Accession of Baji Rao Peshwa at Poona.
1739Nadir Shah of Persia sacks Delhi.
1742Marathas invade Bengal. Dupleix becomes the Governor of French Pondicherry.
1748First Anglo-French war.
1757Battle of Plassey. The English defeat Siraj-ud-daula. Mir Jafar becomes the Nawab of Bengal.
1760The Battle of Wandiwash. The English defeat the French.
1761Third Battle of Panipat. Ahmad Shah Abdali, the ruler of Afghanistan, defeats the Marathas.
1764Battle of Buxar. The English defeat Mir Kasim.
1765The English get Diwani Rights in Bengal, Bihar and Orissa. Robert Clive, Governor in Bengal.
1766The English secure Northern Circars in the Carnatic.
1767-69First Mysore war the British conclude peace with Hyder Ali.
1772Warren Hastings becomes the Governor General of Bengal.
1773The Regulating Act is passed by the British Parliament.
1775-82First Anglo-Maratha war. British sigh a humiliating treaty with the Marathas known as the Treaty of Salbai.
1780Birth of Maharaja Ranjit Singh
1780-84The Second Mysore war. The English defeat Hyder Ali.
1784Pitts India Act promulgated.
1790-92Third Mysore War between the English and Tipu Sultan. Treaty of Srirangapatnam signed.
1793Permanent Settlement in Bengal.
1796Lord Wellesley becomes Governor General.
1799Fourth Mysore war. Tipu killed and Mysore partitioned.
1801The English annex the Carnatic.
1803-05Second Anglo-Maratha war. British under Sir Arthur Wellesley defeat the Marathas at Assaye.
1817-19Marathas finally crushed. 

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