Atal Behari Vajpayee : Dawn of a new era

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Atal Behari VajpayeeAfter forfeiting his security deposits in the 1984 general elections, nobody had imagined that Atal Behari Vajpayee would someday become India’s most popular political figure. But sixteen years later, Vajpayee is an enigma even to his close associates. His charisma crosses the frontiers of his domain. Worldwide Vajpayee stands as an outstanding leader of a third world country, a feat hitherto unmatched in India since Indira Gandhi’s death.

But all was not smooth till four year ago, when a skeptical Vajpayee took oath of office as the 10th Prime Minister of India. His government survived only for 13 days. Critics had a field day, predicted Vajpayee is past his prime and there is no going further beyond.

By March 1998, proving everyone wrong, Vajpayee was again back to the saddle. This time it was not for 13 days. Along with him was Lal Krishna Advani, perhaps the most ablest & shrewdest politician of our time, a modern day Chanakya. He was credited with the revival of the BJP after the 1984 debacle. BJP’s successful journey from two Lok Sabha members in 1984 to 182 members in 1998 was the result of his popular Ram Mandir movement.

Together they were destined to create history. Within three months the duo took perhaps the most controversial decision of their political career.

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