"If somebody asks me where the human mind has developed the most, I would surely point towards India......", remarked Max Muller when once inquired as to which race he considered the most progressive of all. True! When the buds of civilization were still sprouting in so many contemporary countries, India was at its brim of cultural progress and promotion. Thus we present to you a comprehensive saga of India.
They say that history repeats itself but in India's case it would be an exaggeration. Even though being the oldest nation in the world her history is unique in every stage, without showing any repetition click here....

We unleash before you the art treasures of India which are among the greatest in the world. They include 4,000-year old statuettes of lifelike vitality, fine paintings, images of Buddha, temples carved into solid rock, huge temples with elaborately sculptured towers, and graceful mosques, palaces and tombs, all ornamented with delicate decorative work. click here....
The actual soil of India is thought by many to be the body, or residence of the divinity. The whole terrain of the subcontinent is covered with the habitations of the God-their temples. Despite the incursions of other religions, India is still a country of temples and shrines, and wherever you travel, the Gods of Hinduism are present. click here....
Architecture in India has mostly been under the influence of its major religions. Hindus built temples to worship their Gods and Godesses, Buddhism and Jainism inspired the building of temples called chaityas, monasteries, and stupas whilst Islamic invaders built exquisite monuments and mosques. The forts and palaces of India are also masterpieces of architectural design.
click here....
The Indian subcontinent consists of a number of separate linguistic communities each of which share a common language and culture. The people of India speak many languages and dialects. Though distinctive in parts, all stand for a homogeneous culture that is the essence of the great Indian literature. click here....

So, get ready to sail through a bewildering tale never told before ..... a path virtually untrodden .....the saga of a great nation - Indiansaga


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