Famous Personalities of India : Vallabhacharya
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MahaPrabhu Shri Vallabhacharyaji was born in the sacred forest of Champaranya in Madhya Predesh, Central India. Born in to a very learned family of Brahmins from South India, he spent much of his early life in North India, in the holy city of Varanasi. Born with great innate abilities, Vallabhacharya mastered all the Vedas, Purans and Agamas by the tender age. By the age eleven he was already preaching and winning debates on principles which were later consolidated as Brahmavada.

Following in the footsteps of the great sages before him, he decided to visit all the sacred sites in India. In his life time, Vallabhacharya completed three and a half such journeys around India.

Impressing learned pundits and scholars around India, Vallabhacharya came to the South Indian Empire of King Krishnadevaraya. The court at Vijayanagar was debating the merits of various Vedic philosophies. The heated debate seemed at a dead-lock and no-one seemed to have answers that would satisfy the king. Vallabhacharya came in to the debate at this point and within seven days won the arguments for his philosophy of Vishudhadviata.

Immensely impressed by the young man's intelligence and clarity of thought, the assembled pundits and the Krishnadevaraya announced him as an "Acharya" and offered 7,000 gold coins as a gift to Vallabhacharya. Vallabhacharya gave away a bulk of the wealth to the assembled Brahmans. A portion was sent to his uncle to settle the debts incurred by his father, a small portion was set aside to care for his ageing mother and out of the seven thousand gold coins, he only kept seven coins for making jewellery for the icons in his shrine.

Vallabhacharya married MahaLakshmi and sired two great sons, GopiNath and VitthalNath. After his marriage, Vallabhacharya set up his household at Adel, near the holy confluence of Ganges, Jamuna and the Sarasvati rivers. Vallabhacharya taught his disciples to develop a very intensely personal relationship with God. Be this in the form of parent - child, friends, lovers etc. These relationships should not be tainted by any selfish motives. The fame and respect for Vallabhacharya grew with years. When his sons were old enough to manage the affair of the house and the sect, Vallabhacharya renounced the world. Soon after, he immersed his earthly body in the holy waters of the Ganges.

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