Famous Personalities of India : Sher Shah Suri
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Sher Shah Suri (1486?-1545) was an Afghan adventurer who ruled northern India in the early 1500's as one of the Suri dynasty. He nearly overthrew the Mughal Empire. But as a result of his firm period of government, the empire was eventually strengthened and consolidated.

He was born in Sasaram, India. His original name was Farid Khan. He rose from obscurity and achieved prominence through service to the Mughals. While Emperor Humayun was distracted, Farid Khan captured Bihar in 1533, and Bengal in 1537. He then resisted two attempts to dislodge him, in 1539 and 1540. Humayun fled into exile and Farid Khan assumed the title of "Farid-ud-Din-Sher Shah." He proved to be a gifted administrator.

Sher Shah Suri was killed in battle while trying to extend his territory, but his reforming achievements were of lasting benefit to Humayun's son Akbar.

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