Famous Personalities of India : Mahadji Scindia
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The Scindia dynasty was founded by Ranuji Scindia, who was employed by the Maratha Peshwa Baji Rao to command a force. The Scindia family was alloted an area surrounding the town of Gwalior. The Scindias held command of the great Gwalior fort. After the death of Ranuji Scindia several of his sons ran the affairs of the family. After the Battle of Panipat with the Afghan Ahmad Shah Abdali only one son survived. Mahadji Scindia was rescued from the bodies left on the battlefield of Panipat by a Pathan water carrier named Rane Khan.

Mahadji was severely injured but with the help of Rane Khan he was saved after extensive treatment. Mahadji Scindia thereafter treated Rane Khan as his brother. After this setback Mahadji reorganised his forces along European lines and he became the most powerful figure in all of India. Mahadji was one of the greatest patriots of the time. He successfully restored the Mughal Emperor to the throne of Delhi. Throughout his life span he continuosly attempted to restore the dignity of the Marathas, which was lost in the Battle of Panipat.

Mahadji Scindia defeated the British in many battles and his name became a legend among the Indians. Mahadji was a capable administrator and had a great foresight he planned to consolidate the Maratha empire by creating a European styled administration and a military capable of taking on the enemies at any terrain. His plans were cut-short by his death. Mahadji Scindia died in 1794 at Poona and his adopted son Daulat Rao Scindia succeeded him.

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