Famous Personalities of India : Ramabai Ranade
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Ramabai was the wife of Justice Mahadev Govind Ranade, married to Justice Ranade in her early childhood she received her moral as well as spiritual education from her husband. Justice Ranade's radical view regarding social reforms had a long lasting effect on her. She is also credited with pioneering the cause female education and widow remarriage along with her husband.

After her husband's death, Ramabai wrote a memoir describing her childhood, her marriage to Justice Ranade, her early education at his hands, and their life together until his death in 1901. This memoir, published in the early years of the twentieth century, includes Ramabai's account of her childhood and marriage at age eleven in 1873.

The childhood she recalled was not of terror or anxiety. Raised to regard early marriage as inevitable, Ramabai wrote that how she and other little girls looked forward to celebrations associated with marriage. When taunted by the women in her husbands household, she kept her peace and admitted that her interest in reading was unseemly in the presence of women with very little education. At least in this way she recalled her life, Ramabai was a dutiful wife even if her duties were a departure from the normal tasks of women.

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