Famous Personalities of India : Nimbarak
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NIMBARAK (c. 1130-1200). Nimbarak was a Telugu brahman who was an astronomer and became a mystic saint. He held the view that Brahma or God has an independent and infinite reality as Creator, while individual souls and the inanimate world are created and finite, sustained by and dependent on Brahma but distinct. He did not consider mukti, or spiritual salvation, possible in the physical body, only after death. He stressed bhakti, or devotion, more than learning or meditation as a spiritual path, highlighting, Radha and Krishna together as the object of worship. He was, a contemporary of another devotee, Jayadeva, who composed the Gita Govind, in praise of Radha and Krishna.

Nimbarak's school of thought is knows as spiritualistic non-dualism. His followers became a sect flourished at Mathura and produced a considerable literature.

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