Famous Personalities of India : Kabir
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Kabir, who lived in the 1400's, was an Indian religious poet. Kabir could not read or write. But his poetry is powerful, with a rough and ready quality that brings it close to everyday life. His message of religious devotion has continued to inspire Hindus to the present day.

Kabir was born in northern India. But scholars disagree on the details of his life. He was born a Muslim. But his poetry speaks about God in both Hindu and Muslim terms. Some people claim that he tried to blend Hinduism and Islam into a single faith. But, in fact, Kabir was against all forms of organized religion. He emphasized the importance of seeking God through direct, religious experience and rejected the rituals of priests, temples, and mosques. He did not believe that gods existed in human or semi-human form. But he used the Hindu name Rama as one among many names for God. According to legend, Kabir was a disciple of the great Hindu religious teacher Ramananda.

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