Famous Personalities of India : Raja Ganesh
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Raja Ganesh was a Hindu chieftain of a region called Dinajpur, in Bengal. He assassinated the then Muslim ruler of Bengal Azam in 1396 and gained control over the region. His rule saw the revival of Hinduism in Bengal. He was a staunch Hindu and led forceful conversions of Muslims into Hinduism. His discrimination against Muslims led a Muslim saint from Bengal Qutb-ul-Alam to ask the ruler of Jaunpur Ibrahim for help.

Ibrahim approached with a huge army. A battle followed and Raja Ganesh lost, on mediation of Qutb-ul-Alam, Ibrahim went back but before that converted Raja Ganesh's minor son to Islam and made him the king. Soon Ganesh reconverted his son to Hinduism and ruled in his place, some sources even say that the boy declined to get converted and was thus arrested. After the death of Ganesh his son took over the realms of Bengal and got reconverted to Islam under the name Jalal-ud-din Muhammad and persecuted Hindus, his reign was a reign of terror for Hindus and thousands of them were either killed or converted to Islam.

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