Famous Personalities of India : Ibn Batuta
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Ibn Batuta (1304-1377?) was a famous Arab traveller and writer. He visited western Europe, western Africa, and the Far East. Ibn Batuta recorded his travels in the book Rihla (Journey). Its accounts of Asia Minor (now Turkey), India, and western Africa have long been important to historians.

Ibn Batuta was born in Tangier, Morocco. His full name was Muhammad ibn Abdullah ibn Batuta (also spelled Battuta). He was educated in Islamic law and religion, and began travelling in 1325. Ibn Batuta journeyed first to the city of Mecca in what is now Saudi Arabia. Afterward, his trips included visits to Egypt, Ethiopia, Syria, Asia Minor, Persia (now mainly Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan), India, Indonesia, and China. In 1349, after 24 years of travel, Ibn Batuta returned to Morocco. But he soon set out again and went to Andalusia, a region in Spain, and to Timbuktu, a centre of the Mali Empire in western Africa.

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