Famous Personalities of India : Amaatya Rakshas
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He was one of the ablest minister in the Dhana Nanda's court, highly faithful to Magadha. He was one of the biggest hurdle in Chanakya's way in destroying Dhana Nanda, against whom he nursed a personal grudge. But using his intelligence Chanakya fooled Amaatya Rakshas into his trap. As Chandragupta's forces entered Pataliputra Amaatya Rakshas was captured alive and Dhana Nanda killed.

Later on, Chanakya impressed upon Amaatya Rakshas, that in the hands of Chandragupta Maurya the fate of Magadha is safe and thus insured his loyalty and service for Chandragupta. Amaatya Rakshas proved a great administrator and helped organize Chandragupta empire in a better way.

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